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Jacqlyn Burnett

Author and Podcast Host

A master of transformation and innovation, Jacqlyn's redefining the implementation of happiness, through her book and and podcast. Armed with a unique blend of experiences spanning from tech start-ups to personal development, she combines insightful wisdom with practical tools to help others unlock their full potential.

Her groundbreaking book "Happiness Habitat" and highly-rated podcast are more than just platforms—they are conduits for change. She's made it her mission to guide others in navigating their journey to happiness, teaching them to optimize their inner and outer worlds for a truly fulfilling existence. This is not your ordinary self-help—it's an invitation to an extraordinary life.

Happiness Habitat

The Book

Your Happiness Habitat is everything that makes up your environment: your mindset, health, communication, and all in between. When we are happy, we are on center. Fear, doubt, and worry become mere illusions. When you operate from a center that’s in a state of happiness, you will Optimize Your Opportunity Zone and reach your true potential.


Personal stories, interviews with top experts, and practical exercises will guide you on a transformative journey. 


No matter where you are on your journey, there is always room for growth. In HAPPINESS HABITAT – Optimize Your Opportunity Zone you'll attain the knowledge and tools needed to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from living in abundance and harmony with the world around you. 

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