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Jacqlyn Burnett

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Jacqlyn Burnett, an indomitable spirit with an insatiable curiosity, embarked on her journey of personal growth and professional development at Michigan State University. Exploring her diverse interests, she plunged into journalism, acting, and painting. Her passion and determination guided her to an incredible career path that defies convention.


Upon graduation in 2015, she joined the ranks at Sports 1 Marketing, working alongside the legendary Hall of Fame Quarterback, Warren Moon, and esteemed entrepreneur, David Meltzer. Here, she embraced the ethos of empowering others, a principle that would form the bedrock of her future endeavors.


Jacqlyn then served under Dan Fleyshman, the youngest founder of a publicly-traded company. This tenure enabled her to sharpen her skills in social media strategy, running campaigns for celebrities like Jake Paul and the Kardashians, and big-name organizations like Draft Kings. 


In 2017, Jacqlyn turned her attention to the burgeoning field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. She developed Crypto Emojis, an iOS app, and became Director of Operations at blockchain company Vezt. Her expertise caught the attention of Ryan Seacrest, who invited her to demystify blockchain for his listeners on KISS-FM.


Jacqlyn's career continued to expand after launching her own social media agency, offering specialized digital services. Her marketing expertise crossed paths with her artistic endeavors and her creative side found a new outlet. While working with an art gallery at the W Hotel in Hollywood, the gallery owner recognized Jacqlyn's talent as an artist. He offered her a space at his gallery at the W Hotel in Hollywood, which served as a launchpad for her artwork's international exposure.


The next chapter of Jacqlyn's adventure was marked by the establishment of MediaKits. As a founding member and the first employee, she helped build what became the top media kit tool in the creator economy. The startup’s remarkable growth led to its acquisition by Viral Nation in September 2022.


Her passion for personal development saw her participate in pioneering neurofeedback training at Biocybernaut in 2019, a practice that accelerates the attainment of Zen-like states. Then, in 2023, she earned her certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, furthering her dedication to holistic wellbeing.


Today, Jacqlyn is revered as a mentor, inspiring others to step into their full potential and create their Happiness Habitat. Her unwavering positive mindset, an attitude of perpetual gratitude, and the lessons learned from diverse experiences come together to shape her unique perspective on happiness. Jacqlyn Burnett's story serves as an inspiring testament to living life with purpose, joy, and growth.

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